Techniques for Positive Thinking and Meditation

New World Horizons offers information on Meditation, and meditation techniques to reduce stress and attain spiritual inner peace. We believe Meditation offers one of the most rewarding life experiences that you can attain. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring a connection to the inner self and the energy that surrounds us. Meditation brings inner peace and a connection to ourself and the world in a positive and spiritual way.
By learning meditation techniques you will begin a process of transforming your thoughts, into positive and peaceful feelings. Meditation is a self healing process. It is a form of stress management that will allow your mind to experience peace and love and calmness. There are many forms and ways to learn meditation. You will discover that by seeking out the right form of meditation for yourself, that you will connect to your inner being much sooner.

Please explore our site. Follow our links to our Sanctuary area. There you will find some meditation techniques that are easy to follow. Meditation is easy to learn, and can be useful in many aspects of your life. One of the easiest ways to learn Meditation is by using Guided Meditation, available from this site.

Guided Meditation is a great way to begin your journey and learn all about meditation at the same time. There are many books and recorded sessions available on Guided Meditation, and any of these will be helpful as you to begin. The key to Life is learning who you are. Meditation is the best way to find this out. Once you begin learning Meditation Techniques, you will see a big difference in how you feel, and how you receive life.

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Your Inner Self

Did you know that the Power of the Universe is within you? If you believe in God, or you believe in a Spiritual Power, A Higher Intelligence or a Universal Force that guides your destiny, then you have to know that this Power which you believe in comes from within. You are part of this Universal Energy, this Spiritual New Age Vision. You are a part of the process of creation. What you think with your mind, and what you have in your heart, is what you send out to the Powers of All.

Creation is a process by which energy is transformed into a manifested substance. What you think of most, and what you desire the most, The Universal Law Of Attraction will create. This is the only way that it can be. This is the way that it has always been. There is no other way that life can survive. You will always attract that which you think about most.

Knowing this to be the reality, do you want to change your present situation? Do you have all that you need? Are you willing to create a better future? Now is the time to begin. You have to look at the facts laid out before you, and ask yourself what do you believe?

There is nothing that I can do further to help you along your journey. Every single living Soul must make the decision on their own. I cannot do it for you.
I can show you the way, I can give you advice, but only you can act upon that information. Only you can choose to do what you know is right for you. The doorway to your future is waiting to be opened. Only you have the Key. This doorway is your connection to all that is in the Universe. Humanity is evolving towards the realization of a Divine Plan, and you are destined to Create your place in this Plan. Within yourself are the Answers You Seek.

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Holistic Spiritual Sanctuary

New World Horizons is a Holistic Spiritual Sanctuary. New World Horizons Spiritual Sanctuary has a Vision of serving your needs through Spiritual Counseling, Guidance, New Age Meditation, Metaphysical Counseling, Holistic Healing, Online Prayer Request, and by building Inner Spiritual Strength.

We provide a safe place for open expression for special occasions and Spiritual needs. Our work is nondenominational and imposes no creed, dogma, or judgment on those who seek Spiritual assistance. All loving religious or life paths are honored here for their positive contribution to the Divine Light.

All Spiritual Counseling,  Prayer, Healing, Ceremonies, Instruction, Classes and or Guidance are all Practiced through Religious, Metaphysical and Spiritual Paths. 

New World Horizons Holistic Spiritual Sanctuary.

The Light of God surrounds us, The Love of God enfolds us, The Power of God protects us, The Presence of God watches over us, and Wherever we are, God is; and all is well.

Rev. Dr. Daniel W. Leighly Msc.D  is an Ordained Minister, and a Metaphysical Practitioner. He has just published a New Book. DEFINITE PURPOSE. With the power of your thoughts and feelings you can create what ever it is that you desire. The Natural Laws of Attraction and Gratitude are working within you now and once you realize the Secret or the way to harness this Energy, The World can be yours. You can order this book by clicking on the Bookstore link above.

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